Homemade raspberry cube recipe

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If you like slightly acidic flavours, I recommend this cake. The recipe came up to my Mother. I recommend it 😉

Ingredients  for cake:

5 eggs

250 g of margarine

1 cup of white sugar

2 cups of flour (all-purpose)

2 tsp. of baking soda

2 tbsp. of cocoa


Stir margarine with white sugar. Add beaten eggs one a time and mix well after each one. Combine flour, baking powder and cocoa and sieve the mixture. Mix until completely blended. Set out the cake on baking tray (dimensions 23 cm x 33cm). Bake the cake in a preheated oven at 1700C for 45 – 50 minutes.

Ingredients for cream:

8 tbsp. of icing sugar

300 g of butter (fridge temperature)

290 g of soured milk


Stir icing sugar with butter. Add 1 tbsp. of soured milk at time and mix well after each one.

Punch to soak: 2 tbsp. of ground coffee, 1 tbsp. of white sugar. Flood everything with 200 ml of boiled water. Leave to cool down.


Raspberries (about 500g, can be frozen)

3 raspberry jellies

Dissolve the jellies in 4 ½ glasses of boiled water.

Layers (from bottom to top):

  1. The cocoa cake
  2. The punch
  3. Cream
  4. Raspberries
  5. Setting jelly

Bon appétit!!!

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